Pressemitteilungen 2018

Jeremy Delince Season 2018

My Season 2018

This season has gone so fast but overall it was a really good one.

Actually with a lot of up and downs to managed but we made the best out of it.

Last year The bike was missing a little bit so we tried to improved it with Alex this season and after the first try of my race bike I knew we had a bike for top 5 all was as good as I wanted.

After that I knew my fitness would be good for the season so I didn’t change so much on that plan but my main problem was the arm pump. I focused a lot on that point this winter, I tried a bit of everything surgery, massage, physio, medication but this year I found the solution (which I’ll keep for me haha). I struggled since 10years now with arm pump and this is actually the first year I could really ride my full potential every motos which make me a little step forward with my riding.

We made some good quali ,many top tens and we showed we could ride on front. Top 6 overall is my best finishes so far and without the few issues (broken toes, mechanical problem or just me) this season the top 5 was possible.

When I think about all the work of everybody every weeks, every day to make it possible on the weekend ,finishing with a podium was just the greatest thing.

Just want to finish with a big big thank you to Alex and Natalie, all the kmp team my mechanic and my family for the hard work , without them it won’t be possible at all!

Jeremy Delince